Last Girl Ghosted Free Audiobook Download by Lisa Unger

A heartwarming and hilarious audiobook about a love-struck woman who literally derailed from reality when last girl she dated ghosted her!

Last Girl Ghosted is the audiobook version of the thriller by Lisa Unger. The book follows characters Riley, who has discovered her friend has been texting other people about their relationship, and Jackson. There's also a narrator, Jackson's best friend, that keeps referring to him as "Jackson" throughout the story.

The audiobook, created and narrated by Vivienne Leheny, is a compelling listen. It is just over 12 hours long and can be downloaded for $2.99 on Amazon. The cast includes: Lisa Unger, Vivienne Leheny, Marlee Matlin, David DeLucca, Alexandra Creighton-Ward, and Brittany Pressley.

The last girl ghosted by Lisa Unger narrated by Vivienne Leheny is a heartbreaking story of the struggle for love in New York City. In her diary, she tells the story of how she met and fell in love with someone who seemed perfect but then turned out to be controlling, possessive, and jealous.

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger Narrated by Vivienne Leheny Listening Length: 6h 30m Last Girl Ghosted was a 2016 Audiobook written by Lisa Unger and narrated by Vivienne Leheny. It tells the story of... "I had left my life in New York. I am married to a wealthy businessman, and we have a dog, Samantha, who is old but always up for love. My marriage is good, if not perfect. But my professional life has some issues. First of all, I am not satisfied with my job... "My name is Kaitlyn Brady - while blogging I never expected to become known as the last girl ghosted by Lisa Ung

"Last Girl Ghosted" is a novel about four girls living in the same dorm, with one of them being the resident advisor. The audiobook version of the story was narrated by "Vivienne Leheny," who does an amazing job at bringing out her emotions in each character.

Published Date 2021-10-05
Duration 13 hours 28 minutes
Author Lisa Unger
Narrated Vivienne Leheny
(17 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense

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