Kingdom of the Blind: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel Free Audiobook Download by Louise Penny

The Canadian Crime Writers is a series written by Louise Penny, and the second book in the series is titled Kingdom of the Blind. This novel takes place in Three Pines, Montpellier, Quebec. The story follows Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he investigates a serial arsonist who has targeted buildings with historical significance. The case leads to a revelation about an ancient crime and an elaborate cover-up that could rip apart Three Pines.

In this compelling mystery, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec is faced with a difficult task: He must solve a murder committed in the Royal Canadian Mint, which is one of the most secure buildings in North America.

The Kingdom of the Blind is a novel which begins with Chief Inspector Armand Gamache being called back to his old stomping grounds in Three Pines, Canada. His work brings him into contact with an old acquaintance and it leads to the discovery of a gruesome murder.

For centuries Quebec's written, spoken, and signed language has been French. But when English becomes the language of choice at a prestigious international school, tensions rise through the province as English-speaking parents protest against French instruction in local schools. When a bomb explodes at one of these protests, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is called to investigate. It has all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack--a political assassination intended to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Quebec by making them turn on each other. It seems like an impossible case for any investigator--but that only makes it even more intriguing to Gamache as he delves deeper into a society with many secrets and privileges.

An atmospheric, darkly humorous Canadian mystery series, the Kingdom of the Blind is a gripping crime novel with a fascinating depiction of Quebecois life.

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is a retired Canadian officer who now runs a bookstore. He makes his home in Three Pines and has taken it upon himself to help solve crimes in his small rural community.

Published Date 2018-11-27
Duration 12 hours 20 minutes
Author Louise Penny
Narrated Robert Bathurst
(98 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category International Mystery, Suspense

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