Interior Chinatown: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Charles Yu

[In a city with the highest population density in North America], this novel tells of the narrator's struggle to find himself. This audiobook is narrated by Joel De La Fuente, an actor and voice-over artist who has starred in many television shows and movies. He was also born in Chinatown and has been very involved in community theatre.

Interior Chinatown: A Novel is a book that has a narrator who will make you laugh and cry. It's an engrossing piece of fiction that centers around immigration, an American citizen named Nick, and his Spanish-speaking girlfriend.

This novel is the story of a white American's journey to China and the life he finds there. In this book, the narrator recalls his past in America with his friends and family. He also shares how he thought it would be easy for him to adjust to living in China, but after a couple of months, he soon realized that it was not going to be an easy transition.

"I knew that people who read a lot of books often found themselves wondering whether they really liked reading, even if they liked the books."

Interior Chinatown is a novel that challenges the stereotypes of Chinatown and Chinese people. It's told through the eyes of a white man who finds himself in an apartment above his parents' store, with his younger brother. The book is divided into two parts and tells the story through their internal dialogue, which is presented in a first-person perspective.

In Interior Chinatown, author Charles Yu plays with what a novel can be. The story often shifts between past, present, and future as it follows the life of protagonist Jonah Chin, a Chinese American graduate student who is writing his dissertation on the history of Chinatown in Oakland.

Published Date 2020-01-28
Duration 4 hours 21 minutes
Author Charles Yu
Narrated Joel De La Fuente
(20 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Asian American Literature, Family Life, Literary Fiction

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