Ink and Bone: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Lisa Unger

A young woman, Rachel, enters the world of tattoos and body modification in search of a piece of herself that has been missing her entire life. She finds it with an expert tattoo artist named Kassabian and everything changes for her.

Ink and Bone is a novel that follows the story of Alice, a young girl who spends her days making wings for angels in her father's shop, and her nights drinking with her friends at the bar next door. One night, the bar gets raided by police, and Alice is charged with stabbing one of the officers. She soon discovers an ability to create living tattoos on people.

In this story, the world has gone to hell. People are no longer able to speak and those who can are hated for it. Children are being hunted down by demon zombies and taken away from their families. Isabel has been on her own for years and is used to looking after herself and she knows that in order to survive, she must be strong. One day, she meets a man who is a part of a big family called The Company. They take her in without any questions asked and soon enough, they're all living together with one goal: find the cure that will return people to normal. There's just one problem - someone seems to have found the cure before them but they don't know where they've gone or what became of them.

Molly Pope is a modern-day detective who works with the tattooed, pierced, and pierced-through in trying to solve all kinds of crimes by unearthing the meaning behind tattoos. When one of her tattoos starts talking to her and asking for help, she realizes that she's being targeted. Her partner, Jasper has been assigned to protect her. The two of them end up in a race against time as Molly's tattoo leads them straight into danger.

"Talk about longing for the past," Bode said, his voice sounding as if it was swallowed by the distance. "No one ever forgets their first love." "That's never going to happen," I said quickly, turning my face away from him. "It was just a summer romance." "The best kind," he said. The platitudes fell from his lips like raindrops. For a few more seconds we were both silent, in our own thoughts and worlds. Then I spoke again. "I'm sorry." "Me too," he replied, looking at me over the wheel of the car with his dark eyes earnest and blue-green. And then suddenly he reached out and pulled my face toward him, pressing his lips against mine with such force that I gasped against them. He held me in place for a moment longer before letting go and pulling back into the street.

Lisa Unger's novel Ink and Bone is narrated by one of the characters, Molly Pope. Molly's voice changes with her moods; it goes from light and airy when she is happy, to a mumbling monotone when she is sad. She also has a habit of stopping in the middle of sentences as she runs through memories of past events. These intermittent interruptions make listening to the audio book difficult at times, but they help in developing a sense of Molly's thoughts.

Published Date 2016-06-07
Duration 11 hours 51 minutes
Author Lisa Unger
Narrated Molly Pope
(23 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Horror, Suspense, Paranormal

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