I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home Free Audiobook Download by Jami Attenberg

In I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home, Jami Attenberg’s heroine Joanna chronicles the myriad ways that people travel in search of love and connection. She explores themes of immigration, family and identity through a lens that’s both disarming and accessible.

This audiobook is a fictional account of the life of Jami Attenberg. It begins with her telling the story of how she began writing this memoir and traces her thoughts on a range of themes, including love, family, and sex.

I Came All This Way to Meet You is the story of a woman whose life has been one disappointment after another. The novel begins with her in her thirties and she's surrounded by those who loved her but never quite understood her. She decides that it's time to get away and takes off on a cross country journey, only to be derailed when she gets lost in the desert.

This is a true story about the power of the written word, how it can connect us when we can't otherwise understand each other, and how far we'll go for what we believe in. The audiobook is told from the perspective of Jami Agutter, who has decided to write an autobiography of her life, in the form of letters to all those closest to her.

I Came All This Way to Meet You: Writing Myself Home is a beautifully written novel by Jami Attenberg. The story follows Maggie, who is working on a screenplay in Iowa, and Ramona, an aspiring journalist living in New York City. There's also a subplot about Maggie's best friend's family dealing with infertility. Their trip back to Iowa serves as the catalyst for how these three women transform their lives around their disappointing roots, and the resulting novel has lots of brilliant twists.

In her memoir, Jami Attenberg tells a story of coming to terms with loss and finding peace through the familiar, yet foreign, expanse of another place. She travels from Brooklyn to a small town in Iowa to help shoot an outdoor movie. With the help of ghost towns, family skeletons and the director, she learns that within her own life she is already home.

Published Date 2022-01-11
Duration 6 hours 44 minutes
Author Jami Attenberg
Narrated Xe Sands
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Language Instruction
Parent Category Language Arts, Women, Memoir

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