Howl's Moving Castle Free Audiobook Download by Diana Wynne Jones

As the story begins, a young girl named Sophie is left in the care of her older sister, who has passed away. With no place else to go, she moves in with Granny and her old friend, a fire demon named Howl. You can read more about the book on Wikipedia.

Diana Wynne Jones wrote the novel Howl's Moving Castle in the early 1960s. In 2004, she released it as an audiobook and it was quickly downloaded by listeners. The book is a fantasy adventure that follows a young girl named Sophie and her wizard/fairy friend, Howl.

Diana Wynne Jones's Howl's Moving Castle is a beloved but difficult novel, told through the eyes of young Sophie. The story begins on Earth and follows Sophie's journey as she escapes from the moving castle with her grandfather, who has lost his memory. She desperately searches for a way home and eventually comes across the strange and dark moving castle which transforms into many shapes including that of a fire-breathing dragon.

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones is a classic fantasy novel. It is about Sophie, who is a young woman living in a quiet village and dreaming of being a writer. One day, though, she meets the mysterious wizard Howl and it turns her life upside down.

Diana Wynne Jones is a prolific British writer and novelist. She was born in London on June 9, 1921 and died on February 21, 2011. On March 3, 2006, she donated her archive to the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. This is one of the most popular audiobooks of the story "Howl's Moving Castle". Jenny Sterlin narrates this novel which features a castle that moves around to seek out new people that need help.

Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle is a classic tale of a boy, Sophie, who can't seem to find anything that she likes about herself. Sophie is the most unpopular girl in her school and her wish for a new life comes true when she befriends the wizard, Howl. The story follows Sophie and Howl as they explore different worlds together until finally coming across one where everything is exactly as it should be.

Published Date 2008-12-05
Duration 8 hours 37 minutes
Author Diana Wynne Jones
Narrated Jenny Sterlin
(70 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Kids
Parent Category Fairy Tales & Folklore

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