How to Love Your Neighbor: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Sophie Sullivan

"I loved this book! I listened to it in less than 24 hours, laughing through all of the parts I found funny, and feeling very moved by the parts that I could relate to. Sophie Sullivan has a great way of creating memorable characters that have real struggles and who are impacted by their story."

The book is about a couple who is hiding from their past, and the woman is having an affair with her neighbor. The narrator does a great job at setting up the story for the listener, and she supports the author's style of writing very well.

"This is a story of love and friendship with a whole lot of heart"¦ There's something special about Chloe Dolandis' voice in this audiobook. The way she whispers the words, makes you feel like you're right there next to the characters. I was hooked from start to finish.

The audiobook download is narrated by Chloe Dolandis and the story shows the protagonist and her family life, the various challenges they experience, and how she overcomes through their love for one another.

Sophie Sullivan is a young woman who has found herself adrift in her life after the death of her mother. She's a bit lost and unsure of what to do with her life as she starts college, working her way through the list of potential careers that she had compiled for herself. Overwhelmed by the list, Sophie takes an unusual turn to start with something simple—she wants to learn how to love her neighbor. Along this journey, she learns that loving your neighbor is not easy and often requires more than just trying to understand them.

Sophie Sullivan, a carefree 22-year-old and recent college graduate, is content with her life - until she realizes that her significant other, Dan, is cheating on her and he knows about it. Unable to confront him about the situation for fear of losing him forever, Sophie takes refuge in a Manhattan bookstore where she meets Gabriel.

Published Date 2022-01-18
Duration 10 hours 36 minutes
Author Sophie Sullivan
Narrated Chloe Dolandis
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Contemporary, Rom-Com

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