Hatchet Free Audiobook Download by Gary Paulsen

The audiobook of Hatchet narrated by Peter Coyote is a fascinating interpretation of a classic novel. Hatchet is set in the Canadian wilderness during the early 1800's and tells the story of 10-year-old Brian Robeson, who lives with his family on their trapline. As winter sets in, he becomes separated from his parents and must survive in the wild for weeks until they are found. The narrator uses his deep voice to give life to every character, bringing them alive so that you can hear their fear, see their courage, hear their loneliness and joy.

In the new CD of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen narrated by Peter Coyote, Lee Ann Stevens narrates with a distinct voice. This is one of the most exciting readings because it really captures the feeling of what it's like to be in the wilderness. The beautiful narration makes this audiobook a must listen especially when you are alone and need some entertainment!

Hatchet is a story about a boy, who is asked by his father to deliver food to their remote Alaskan cabin. The father tells him that he will teach him survival skills and survival lessons along the way. There are many things in this book that are universal. The protagonist must learn how to survive without much food before they reach the cabin, so they have to be patient and work together. They use their surroundings and nature as tools to help get through each stage of the journey and figure out what they need to do next.

Hatchet is an interesting story. It has a narrative that will keep you hooked as the plot unfolds. 'Peter Coyote' brings the words to life with his voice and accent, making this a great book to listen to while driving long distances or walking around the city.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a fictional story about 10-year-old Brian Robeson, who was born in a town called Two Rivers on the land of the Northern Gitchie Manitou. When Brian's mother dies, his father decides to take the family on an adventure across Canada by canoe.

Published Date 2000-07-05
Duration 3 hours 43 minutes
Author Gary Paulsen
Narrated Peter Coyote
(525 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Kids
Parent Category Health & Family, Action & Adventure

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