Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest Free Audiobook Download by Suzanne Simard

In the last days of winter, Canadian Suzanne Simard set out to find the Mother Tree. Her travels lead her to a mysterious forest that seems untouched by time and where she is given surprising insight into herself and her own life.

"The perfect recipe for the perfect life." This is how Suzanne Simard starts off her book, finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest. Simard talks about how our natural world has taught us so much and yet we've lost most of our close connections to nature. She believes that getting back in touch with nature is a key part of healing ourselves as well as making better decisions in our daily lives.

[Suzanne Simard] has a passion for the forest and an insatiable curiosity. Her search for the mother tree reveals that every tree is a teacher and we are blessed with the wisdom of nature. [Suzanne Simard] shares this knowledge through her prose and poetry, showing us how to tap into our innate connection with nature and live more sustainable lives.

There are many different ways that the book is structured. The story begins with the author, Suzanne Simard, talking about how she was searching for a tree in a forest one day when she came across an elder. From there, she shares her life's journey and how she eventually connected with the tree and found its wisdom to be very useful in her own personal growth.

Suzanne Simard tells the story of a boy's adventures in a forest. Through his innocence and curiosity, he discovers ancient secrets, helps animals learn to trust humans again, learns about the importance of trees and learns that even if you can't see it all at once, you are never alone in your life with or without others.

"The forest has always had a deep connection with people. It is the original teacher. It speaks to us, it tells us stories, it inspires us." This thought-provoking audiobook is about how the forest and humans have a symbiotic relationship that often goes unappreciated in today's society. This audiobook will discuss how the forest can teach you many lessons if you are willing to listen to what it has to say.

Published Date 2021-05-04
Duration 12 hours 13 minutes
Author Suzanne Simard
Narrated Suzanne Simard
(41 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Animals & Nature, Philosophy, Memoir

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