El Hombre Mas Rico De Babilonia [The Richest Man in Babylon] Free Audiobook Download by George S. Clason

El Hombre Mas Rico De Babilonia [The Richest Man in Babylon] is a classic story about the importance of saving and investing. In fact, the title comes from a place called "Babylon", which was one of the most prosperous cities in the ancient world. The tale shows that there are three lessons to learn from this story: 1) save and invest 2) stay away from debt 3) be generous

The Richest Man in Babylon is a story about an average man who in his search for success and abundance finds himself losing ground with each successive step. The man then decides to turn to an elderly wise man, who teaches him the secret of achieving wealth. This is a classic work of fiction that has been translated into many languages and has received international renown.

Desde su primer libro, Curso de Práctica de Negocios Bancarios (1926), hasta sus últimas obras, El Hombre es una historia de la vida cotidiana en la Babilonia Antigua.

El Hombre Mas Rico De Babilonia (The Richest Man in Babylon) by George S. Clason is a self-help book that teaches the principles of financial success and trading. Librarians describe it as a classic, one of the most influential books on personal finance ever written. The book has sold more than 40 million copies since first published in 1934, and according to LibraryThing's online database it has never been out of print.

El hombre mas rico de babilonia (The Richest Man in Babylon) is a story about a man who learns how to become wealthy and successful through the ancient teachings of Babilonia.

Este libro se trata de una historia ficticia sobre la riqueza en el mundo antiguo. El narrador hace muchas comparaciones entre los mesopotámicos y nosotros, en la actualidad, lo que dá un toque de realismo. La historia comienza con un hombre, sumamente pobre, que siendo barquero tiene una contratación para ir a Babilonia y cargar un tesoro del Rey de los Reyes. Recibe instrucciones del Rey qué deben ser las primeras cosas que se hagan con el tesoro si enc

Published Date 2019-07-03
Duration 4 hours 54 minutes
Author George S. Clason
Narrated Marcelo Russo
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