Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes: Pocket-Sized Review for the Surgical Clerkship and Shelf Exams Free Audiobook Download by Carlos Pestana

Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes is a one hundred-page quick reference for those who work in an operating room. It provides the reader with the most commonly used surgical terminology, the most important anatomy of the human body, and short descriptions of how to perform common surgical tasks. In addition to providing a quick review, this book also provides tips on how to study for shelf exams.

Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes is a concise, pocket-sized review of the surgical clerkship and shelf exams for students in the emergency medicine field. This book provides a minimal nursing assessment that is vital for emergency care providers to know for their shelf exam. It includes quick reference charts and tables, as well as detailed explanations of all topics covered on the shelf exam. The audiobook version comes with an introduction from Dr. Carlos Pestana himself, which sheds light on each subject matter in detail.

Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes is a pocket-sized companion that Carlos Pestana has written for surgical clerks, and shelf students. His work is meant to be a key resource for the study of surgery as well as an introduction to the field of surgery as a whole. The book starts off with an introduction to human anatomy, before diving into surgical techniques such as cardiopulmonary bypass, arthroscopy, coding, and much more. Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes is a great source for current medical knowledge in the field of surgery

In this download, Dr. Carlos Pestana reviews the basics of general surgery while providing an in-depth understanding of surgical concepts. This audiobook can make a fantastic pocket book for practitioners that want to review the information they've been taught when preparing for the shelf exams or even during their surgical internships.

Surgery notes are a great source of medical knowledge and insight. This pocket-sized review offers quick reference to the most useful information on the shelf exams and surgical clerkship, as well as more in-depth topics such as anesthesia, cardiovascular surgery, anatomy, and disease. The book is written by a renowned plastic surgeon and is an audiobook available for download.

Surgery Notes: Pocket-Sized Review for the Surgical Clerkship and Shelf Exams is a pocket-sized review of surgery, written by Dr. Carlos Pestana. This book is recommended as a helpful resource to be used during the surgical clerkship phase or shelf exams. There are many good points made in this book, but some of the best information is gathered through a list of "60 Common Questions That You'll Face During Your Surgical Clerkship."

Published Date 2021-10-01
Duration 5 hours 43 minutes
Author Carlos Pestana
Narrated Matthew Kugler
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science & Technology
Parent Category Medicine

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