Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Free Audiobook Download by Roald Dahl

When Charlie Bucket's dad gives him five golden tickets, his dream comes true. Since the first ticket finds him on a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, he is looking forward to finding out what wonders await him. When he arrives at the gates and wins a ticket for the tour of the factory, someone else grabs it from him--Mr. Wonka himself! Well then, what should Charlie do? He embarks on a journey full of adventure with Mr. Oompa Loompas to find out what happened to his ticket and as he gets closer, he discovers that there is more than one thing happening in this place. He takes some time to explore before going back to his dad for help.

Charlie Bucket is the good-natured, ordinary boy living in a poor, working-class family and he always gets what he wants. His dad works at an old chocolate factory that's been closed for years and up until now, his father has been able to find enough excess stock to share with Charlie. As they search the abandoned building, they come across a vast array of chocolate bars that had once been created and stored in order to celebrate Willy Wonka's fifth birthday. When Charlie finally comes face to face with the eccentric Willy Wonka himself, the adventure begins...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a novel by English author Roald Dahl. It features the adventures of young boy Charlie Bucket, who lives with his mother and father just above a confectioner's shop in a poor neighbourhood made of slums, rowhouses, and tenements. One day, as he and his parents are walking home from school, they find an abandoned 5-pence piece on the sidewalk.

As a child, Dahl was fascinated by chocolate, especially when he saw the confectionery made on a conveyor belt. He wasn't surprised that some children would trade their parents to get at them, but he did find it surprising that Willy Wonka's "greatest prize ever" turned out to be a large glass of polluted water.

Charlie Bucket is a poor little boy with a big heart and an even bigger dream: he wants to become a dentist. On the wince inducing day of his fifth birthday, Charlie gets everything he's ever wanted--a factory tour that reveals his father's old boss, Willy Wonka, has just died and left behind a whopping great golden ticket! This is Charlie's chance to find out what's inside Wonka's famous chocolate factory. What he doesn't know is that the owner of the factory isn't planning on giving him any candy.

Published Date 2013-07-03
Duration 3 hours 17 minutes
Author Roald Dahl
Narrated Douglas Hodge
(113 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Kids
Parent Category Humor, Health & Family

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