Capote: A Biography Free Audiobook Download by Gerald Clarke

The audiobook tells the true story of author Truman Capote's life. The reader is taken on a journey with the protagonist as he navigates through a difficult childhood, struggles in school and his troubles with writing. Throughout the narrative, readers are shown the remarkable highs and lows of Capote's life.

Capote: A Biography is a thorough and insightful look at the life of Truman Capote, author of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and more. Readers will be both captivated and disturbed by the complex man who was known for his literary brilliance but also for his nasty treatment of others.

Capote: A Biography is an amazing audiobook that tells the story of the author's life. It is a biography that gives readers a unique insight into Truman Capote and his relationships with the people around him. Readers can experience Truman's journey through various stages of his life, from childhood to writing In Cold Blood until he dies at only 59 years old.

Capote, who died in Kansas in 1984 of heart failure, was a famous writer. The name Capote has become synonymous with New Orleans and its history. He was an author of narrative non-fiction that is considered a classic of modern American literature.

Capote: A Biography is a biography of the author Truman Capote. It's an account of his life from childhood to successful career and looks at the events and people that shaped his life.

"He was the swaggering, self-dramatizing trailer park son of a tragic woman who had failed her family by dying young." This is a quote from Gerald Clarke's biography of Truman Capote. The author describes Capote's character as someone who always wanted to be better than his background. He was a very self-centered person and one of his favorite activities was to take care of celebrity friends while they were in town. He would make sure that they got their favorite food, had the best hotel rooms, and made sure that their needs were met.

Published Date 2021-04-06
Duration 25 hours 16 minutes
Author Gerald Clarke
Narrated Paul Boehmer
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Social Science, Literary Criticism, General, Literary

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