Better Off Dead: A Jack Reacher Novel Free Audiobook Download by Andrew Child,Lee Child

I couldn't help but feel that the book was more about Lee Child rather than Jack Reacher. In fact, I found myself thinking of Lee Child more at various points in the novel and even though I liked the audio book, I had to stop and put it back on my shelf a few times to remind myself who the story was actually about.

A new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child, narrated with excellent professionalism by the one and only Scott Brick. The audio is superbly well done, giving you a true sense of the story and the character's emotions. There is some swearing in this book, so if that isn't your thing then maybe give it a miss; but if you're looking for an intense thriller that will get your adrenaline racing then this is perfect.

Jack Reacher is not the type of guy to let someone else be in charge. He did things his way and that’s just the way it had to be for him. This time around, Reacher has no intention of playing by the rules. That’s right, he’s going to break them all!

Jack Reacher is a man without a country, not because of his many years as an ex-military investigator and drifter who has traveled the world; but because he has no allegiance to any one country. He will work for anyone who pays him, which makes him a very valuable asset to very dangerous people.

Jack Reacher is a former military policeman and drifter who's on the run from an ex-soldier turned cop. Jack has just arrived in the small town of Millerville, West Virginia when he witnesses a murder committed by members of the local police department. The murder sends Jack on the run for his life but soon he discovers that he can't outrun his past

You will find it difficult to put this book down, as the plot twists and turns throughout. Lee Child has been a writer for over three decades and he has never failed to surprise you with his stories. This story is so gripping that it will keep your heart racing, leaving you on the edge of your seat!

Published Date 2021-10-26
Duration 9 hours 11 minutes
Author Andrew Child, Lee Child
Narrated Scott Brick
(124 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense, Action & Adventure

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