Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition Free Audiobook Download by Wendy De Rosa

'An Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition' is an audiobook that will teach you how to clear your energy, set boundaries and embody your intuition. The author explains how important it is for women to understand how their partners are feeling and how they can use this knowledge in a helpful way.

One of the most powerful and transformative practices is clearing energy. It can be done with a variety of tools, but one of the most effective ways to do this is through creating a sacred space. When we take the time to create a safe and sacred space, it makes it easier to clear our energy and set boundaries when needed.

Empaths often struggle with a lack of energy, fatigue and exhaustion. They feel overwhelmed by the needs of others and their own desires for self-care. This book will help you understand empaths’ challenges and what might be happening in your life that is contributing to the drain on your energy and ability to take care of yourself.

If you'd like to increase your ability to clear energy, set boundaries, and embody your intuition in your work and personal life, "Becoming an Empowered Empath" is a practical guide that will help walk you through the process. Wendy De Rosa shares how the empowerment principles in "Becoming an Empowered Empath" are found not just in her own life but also in the lives of thousands of others- including many successful CEOs.

The book is a guide to help empaths learn how to tune into their body, clear their energy and create healthy boundaries. The author writes from personal experience as well as through interviews with other empaths.

The book begins with an introduction to the main idea of becoming a bigger, more powerful person by embodying your intuition. Wendy explains that our intuition is being constantly triggered by things around us and going about our days in a habitual manner doesn't allow for this clairity. Instead, we are "stuck" in a pattern where we're not living from our true self. The author suggests that the first step to finding this life is to be willing to "clear energy", which means giving up on old habits and creating new ones that resonate with you. By clearing energy, the reader would begin discovering themselves and act in accordance with their own values instead of society's expectations.

Published Date 2021-03-30
Duration 8 hours 43 minutes
Author Wendy De Rosa
Narrated Wendy De Rosa
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Naturopathy & New Age, Mindfulness & Meditation

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