Beasts of a Little Land: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Juhea Kim

A family of four live on a small plot of land in an abandoned, overgrown town. They survive the harsh, industrial landscape by growing and selling their own produce and living off the wild fruits and vegetables that grow in their fields. The mother, Joo-Young, is gentle but unyielding with her children: she teaches them to be independent and resourceful while they learn the value of hard work - even if it means using a spear gun to catch a rabbit. The eldest son, Soo-Hyun, is intelligent but also very guarded; he is drawn into his own world without noticing anything outside of it. The youngest daughter, Kay-Rayn, is talkative and playful; she has more fun than anyone else on

Beasts Of A Little Land is a broken fairy tale about a Korean American girl named Vivian who travels with her family to the fictional country of Nevay, where she learns the value of hard work.

A Korean American family buys a farm in rural Kansas, hoping to heal their grief and find peace. The novel explores the tensions and misunderstandings that might exist between people with different backgrounds, living in the same house.

Beasts of a Little Land is the story of a young Korean American man, Tae-Jin, from childhood to old age as he struggles with a variety of personal and social issues. Tae-Jin's very existence is based on his father's promises that he will one day have enough money to support the family. He begins by taking an entry level position at a company that produces monster toys. He soon becomes adept at his job and moves up the corporate ladder leaving behind his true desires to be with Joong-Hyun, the love of his life who had left him in order to study in America.

Beasts of a Little Land is set in South Korea during the early 1900s, where a young girl and her family live on a boat and become caught up in the turmoil of Japan's invasion and occupation. With no other options available, they flee to the mainland with barely anything but their lives and the hope that they'll find peace.

Beasts of a Little Land is the story of a woman named Geum-Ja who escapes from North Korea with her daughter and son to find safety in America. Along the way she encounters many obstacles, including racism, poverty and loneliness. When she discovers that she has cancer, she realizes that time is running out and decides to do what she can to make her children happy.

Published Date 2021-12-07
Duration 13 hours 30 minutes
Author Juhea Kim
Narrated Sue Jean Kim, Raymond Lee
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Sagas, Asian American Literature, General

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