Battle Cry: Waging and Winning the War Within Free Audiobook Download by Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson writes about his own struggles, however facing them has made him a stronger individual. He believes that many people struggle with their daily lives and battles, but they do not talk about their battles with others because they fear rejection or judgement. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression may be able to find solace in something that Jason did in his battle.

Battle Cry: Waging and Winning the War Within is a book about self-discovery, both on an individual level and in society. Jason Wilson examines the things that have made us who we are and how they affect society, such as our love of violence, sacrifice, war fighting, and the drive to destroy civilization. He argues that part of what has caused this societal problem is our tendency to view ourselves as individual beings rather than a single unit of humanity. To break through this barrier, Wilson suggests that we can start with any one of these four concepts: individualism; competition; conflict; or aggression.

In his new book, Battle Cry: Waging and Winning the War Within, Wilson explores how he learned to navigate this internal conflict as well as the cultural pressures that have shaped his relationship with food. As a result of his work, Wilson is one of the most sought-after anti-diet authors in the US today.

The book begins with a brief history of how PTSD was first recognized in the U.S. military, and the different ways that it manifested itself. Wilson goes on to describe why we often fail at addressing this issue with our current strategies (e.g., how most troops are removed from combat areas too soon, what can happen when removing someone from warfare), and expands into the problem with the way PTSD is portrayed in popular culture.

In Battle Cry, Jason Wilson shares the lessons he learned while struggling with his weight, depression and anxiety. In this audiobook download, Wilson shares the "battle cry" that helped him find his strength again.

The book is a memoir of Jason's own struggles with alcoholism and his efforts to become sober. The audiobook version of the book comes with a 20-minute introduction.

Published Date 2021-09-21
Duration 5 hours 11 minutes
Author Jason Wilson
Narrated Jason Wilson
(14 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Mindfulness & Meditation, Self Development, Counseling & Inspirational

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