An Inspector Calls (Classic Radio Theatre) Free Audiobook Download by J.B. Priestley

Inspector Goole, who is the protagonist of the play, is a man who represents order and justice. He has a heavy sense of duty and imposes himself on anyone in need of justice. The play’s plot revolves around changing social standards and how society evolves; it starts with middle-class values but ends with greed and false beliefs.

An Inspector Calls is a classic radio play by J.B. Priestley broadcast on the BBC in 1938. It tells the story of an inspector who comes to the home of a wealthy family and uncovers some dark secrets after doing a routine inspection. The play was first adapted for the stage by John Gielgud in 1938, with his stage direction earning him a Best Play nomination at the 40th Academy Awards, where it lost to Robert Sherwood's production of The Madwoman of Chaillot.

In classic BBC Radio Theatre, the story follows a young couple in an upper middle-class London household. Mr. Banks and Mrs. Banks are having a party that night to celebrate their daughter's birthday, only for Inspector Goole of Scotland Yard to show up and reveal Mrs. Banks, the party's hostess, has been killed in her bed by her husband while they were sleeping together. The rest of the story focuses on the aftermath of the tragedy and what it means for the family dynamic.

"Last Act" is the final episode of the Classic Theatre Hour radio anthology series. The episode was made in 1953, but it was broadcast only a few weeks before the death of its creator, J.B. Priestley. It is widely believed that Priestley's health had been failing for some time and he died shortly after "Last Act" aired.

The plot of An Inspector Calls is closely entwined with the life and work of Joseph Conrad. The play centers around a wealthy businessman in his late thirties named Frederick Henry Smith. He falls into financial difficulty and applies to work for an insurance company to help him recover. He is given two weeks of training before his first job, and during that time he meets a fellow trainee by the name of "Roddy." Their relationship soon develops into a romance.

In this play by J.B. Priestley, a down-on-his-luck businessman is put on trial for accidental manslaughter. The leading character is likeable, but his daughter is the force of nature behind the story. She's an angry woman who has been wronged in her life and she confronts each problem with fire and brimstone. She leads him down the path of redemption at every turn, where he learns to put things right with those he has wronged, including himself

Published Date 2011-03-01
Duration 1 hours 30 minutes
Author J.B. Priestley
Narrated Frances Barber, Toby Jones
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