All These Bodies Free Audiobook Download by Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake's dark, mind-bending debut novel is a horror story of the body snatchers, the ones that feed off of life.

All These Bodies is a dark psychological thriller by Kendare Blake that follows the story of seventeen-year-old Avery and her obsession with murder. After witnessing a boy's brutal death, Avery becomes obsessed with punishing those who commit crimes. Her adventures take place in the fictional town of McClellan where she lives in the titular "All These Bodies" home, a garage where the bodies are kept until their families claim them. As she continues to stalk her victims, she is drawn deeper into dangerous territory and spirals out of control. The audiobook features one narrator, Matt Godfrey over four 1-hour long installments.

All These Bodies by Kendare Blake is a novel about the afterlife and how some people are chosen to be reborn into bodies of celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters. It all sounds like a Kafkaesque tale until an angel takes it upon herself to get rid of these "bodies" so that they may be reincarnated into new ones.

The life of a teenage girl named Miranda is turned upside down upon her discovery that she's the daughter of a serial killer.

The setting is dystopian: the United States has devolved into a dystopia of the future, where all life exists to serve the ruling class, who live in luxury and brutality. The story follows the lives of four teenagers as they navigate a world that is bleak and unforgiving. This audiobook was an exciting, action-packed book that kept me engaged to the end.

All These Bodies is a unique and powerful novel that follows two parts of a young girl’s life, alternating between the 1800s and present day. The first part of the novel begins with an eighteen-year-old named Anna who was forced out of her home by her abusive parents when she was nine. She learns that her father was killed during a brutal attack on their family farm in 1839 by slavers who raided their house while they were away. In the present day, we follow Anna as she runs away from everything and everyone that has ever hurt her.

Published Date 2021-09-21
Duration 7 hours 19 minutes
Author Kendare Blake
Narrated Matt Godfrey
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Teen
Parent Category Paranormal, Mystery & Thriller

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