A History of Wild Places: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Shea Ernshaw

A History of Wild Places: A Novel is a story about four different people who have been chosen to represent the world at the United Nations. They know that their mission has something to do with restoring the beautiful wild places around the world, but they don't know what it is. As they travel across countries and continents in search of answers, they begin to unravel the mystery of their task and learn more about themselves along the way.

A History of Wild Places follows a group of seventeen-year-old boys who meet in the summer after high school and share their love for the great outdoors. The novel begins with a camping trip that throws off their preconceptions of what it means to be an outdoorsman and what understanding the wilderness means. As they spend more time in the backcountry, these teenage boys realize that life is not always about surviving out in the wild.

Wild Places is a story about an American man's life who works in a menial job in a small town. The book follows his life as he experiences the death of his parents, moves to Chicago and begins to live with a girl he loves, but has no idea what love really means.

A History of Wild Places is a novel that is set in the 1800s of the United States. It starts with two separated young men who grow up to become heroes and important figures in the American Civil War. The story moves back and forth between their stories and intertwines them together by incorporating what happened before, after, as well as during the events happening in both stories.

A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw is a fantastic novel that follows the lives of three children, Patience, Lily, and Julian. All the characters in this book are struggling with something in their life, including being trying to survive without their parents. The author does a good job in giving each of these characters unique personalities that compliment each other well. This book also includes topics like death, love and loss.

"We are unmoored from the earth, part of it yet not part of it. We are in uncharted territory and this is what I long for," says narrator 'Cassandra Campbell' at the start of the book. This novel offers a deep look into nature through the eyes of four characters living different parts of the country. The two who live in nature engage with it in ways that complicate and enrich their lives; those who live within civilization try to find a balance between their own needs and those of the wild. The novel's multiple perspectives on nature create an experiential landscape, giving readers a sense of how we might view our world in different circumstances.

Published Date 2021-12-07
Duration 11 hours 59 minutes
Author Shea Ernshaw
Narrated Cassandra Campbell, Gibson Frazier, Pete Simonelli, Carlotta Brentan, Cindy Kay
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Psychological, Suspense

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